Arkansas Ercoupes!


So, what are Ercoupe owners and fans doing in Arkansas? This is the place to find out!

Ercoupes are nifty, weird little airplanes, and those who appreciate them are special people - who can see the beauty in simplicity, and who can see how clever engineering up front can make life simple and elegant.

We like to stun other pilots with the unique traits of the Ercoupe - it does things that would destroy other airplanes! Try landing your Cessna 150 in a 30 degree crab! You’d be picking up pieces of landing gear for a while.  If you’re high on final in your Piper, try pulling the yoke back to the stop to lose altitude! Oh, you’ll lose altitude alright - in a tight little circle that will end with a bang.

We love our little planes and really love telling other folks how impressive they are! This page is to let you know what’s going on in Arkansas and the surrounding states. and hopefully we can meet up at various events around the area!

Happy flying!


Welcome to Arkansas Ercoupes!